If you have found this blog, which is not public, then you have specifically typed in a URL in hope you can find some goodies.


This notice applies to photographers, videographers, entertainers and other wedding suppliers, marketing companies, web designers and marketing research companies or such like that have been using my content without consent, please be warned I will now take civil and criminal actions against those who use my content without consent, for any reason I deem as the owner of the original content. My content is not available for other people to use in order to make benefits, link to or make money from with out consent and a contract from me with license for use and fees paid in advance of use. This is an international notice so please do not think because you live in another country that I cannot enforce as I will. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Please enjoy viewing, just do not think you can use anything you see, hear or read, as it is all original content, just view and move on.


Advice for Prospective Customers, who will also be given this link by me, on initial consultation. 


For privacy & security reasons I have removed all content from Blogs, Social Media & Other Online Resources for the following reasons.

  • This is mainly down to Weddings, Portraits, Studio Assignments whereby I am seeing an increased number of People are linking to, using for reference or indication of their ability or downloading content for either ownership of works - This appears to be common practise since Pinterest came about, with Companies and Individuals portraying my works as their own & even removing watermarks and meta data from images. They will use prospective Pinterest accounts which may contain my content to market themselves as being able to deliver the same or similar images or content, which is extremely hard to replicate due to the nature of my photography. Please be-aware of any images that you see by anyone who is offering you photography or videography services could be sample, stolen or fake images, ensure you ask to see the RAW files & ask for details about the images, such as date, time, locations & then follow up to see if this information is true. Professional Photographer will have these details & all other images taken. A good tip is to ensure that you do not share any social media information with people that you might like to have as a service. Do not share your Pinterest, or image related Social Accounts with anyone is my advice, keep all social media private, as marketing companies, recruitment companies use your cookies, social media logins to track you and then, individuals can pay a fee to access this information and market to you. 
  • People are downloading the content & using it without permissions - As per linking or using works, on occasions I will licence works for corporate, business related cases, however I have also found that companies other than I have been commissioned for are using images either as templates, or actual website and marketing materials without consent or rights 
  • Terms & Conditions for services ie social media accounts, means that the owner loses rights & controls that invalidate copyright laws & rights.


You are in the right place...I am just doing so cloud is offline for a while... Please be patient